We’re About Disruption, Innovation and Sustainability

TOWA Industries is creating an orbit of zero-emission products and solutions in the $26 billion outdoor power equipment industry. Our cross-pollination of landscape industry + Silicon Valley start-up DNA drives us to create innovative, smart, and eco-sustainable products that deliver high value to our customers.

Migrating to a Battery-Powered World is Going to Get Messy

The landscape industry is racing towards a greener and more sustainable future. This eco-migration makes sense for the future of our world, but there are many hurdles facing landscapers, cities, schools, and municipalities. Hurdles include the expense to buy new battery power equipment, a lack of battery-charging infrastructure, an equipment supply, and lithium-ion battery shortage, and soon there will be an electricity shortage from the high demands on local electricity grids.

It’s About a Zero-Emission Ecosystem, Not Just the Tools

We believe there are three key components critical for a successful transition to a zero-emission world. Battery equipment technology (gas-like performance), a robust and scalable charging infrastructure, and advocacy support – local, state, national).

Zero-Emission Product Ideation from the Bottom-up

Working with gardeners, landscapers, retailers, and manufacturers, we designed two game-changing products.

The first product we launched was the TOWA PDM (power distribution management) Smart Charger. It solves a missing critical part of the battery equipment ecosystem. The TOWA PDM is truly plug-and-play simple to use.

Then we designed the Retro-evolution products. The platform converts gas-to-battery-powered equipment in minutes. It’s simple, cost-effective, and transforms old, heavy, noisy, gas engine tools into more powerful, lighter, quieter, zero-emission tools. Another plug-and-play design.

Stay tuned for more. We’re just getting started.

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