TOWA Tools Customer Success Story:

While some companies are hesitant to make the transition from gas to electric, Gothic Landscape has been slowly transitioning its branches to electric. With legislation in place and constant changes in the air-quality restrictions, Travis Rios explains to us how Gothic was luckily ahead of the curve and started testing electric early on. Travis Rios has worked at Gothic for 5 years and saw how the company was to make this change. With change comes its challenges, Gothic also faced some challenges in the beginning of their transition. This included not being able to charge all of their batteries overnight and the current issues with gas-powered equipment stocking up in their yards that are not in compliance with the counties’ quick-changing mandates.

Thanks to TOWA’s Smart Charging Systems and UPH Conversion Kits, they can now charge multiple batteries and stack them at the same time to maximize their current infrastructure. Gothic is also able to repurpose their gas-equipment to avoid waste because of TOWA’s UPH Conversion Kit, they can easily convert their gas equipment into electric equipment. Together, we are Charging Forward!

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