Convert gas-to-battery


We call it the TOWA Retro Evolution.

The TOWA Retro-e Kit is a ground-breaking product. It will convert your gas-powered equipment into a lithium-ion battery-powered tool in minutes.

The move from gas-powered landscape equipment to battery-powered equipment is here; not coming soon. Many cities and schools across the country are reducing their carbon footprint or moving to a zero-emission future. The State of California passed AB 1346 that will ban the sale of small gas-powered engines in 2024.

Buying new battery-powered landscape equipment was the only option. That’s expensive; creates another cost affecting the bottom line for landscapers and gardeners. Replacing equipment also fills up landfills with unused gas-powered equipment.

The TOWA Retro-e Kit converts a gas-powered line trimmer into a battery-powered tool in minutes.

Convert to TOWA Retro-e Kit in 3-Steps

  • Remove the gas engine and throttle trigger.

  • Install the TOWA Universal Powerhead, Universal Adapter Sleeve, and TOWA throttle trigger.

  • Connect the TOWA 40-volt lithium-ion battery platform powers the Universal Powerhead.

  • No special tools are required and the retro-fit conversion takes about 15-20 minutes.

TOWA Universal Power Head Kit

1 – TOWA Universal Power Head, 1600 Watts
1 – TOWA Variable Speed Trigger
1 – TOWA Powerhead to Battery 5-ft Cable

Retro-E Key Features

  • The TOWA Retro-e conversion saves between 35%-49% of the cost to buy new commercial quality battery-powered equipment.
  • TOWA Universal Powerhead delivers 1,600 watts of power with rated speeds of 6,700-8,600 RPMs. The adaptive motor will connect with 28-volt to 84-volt batteries.
  • The Powerhead is 30% lighter than a 28.8cc gas-powered line trimmer (engine size on a STIHL, Echo, Shindaiwa pro-quality string trimmer).
  • TOWA Universal Adapters fit over 90% of the existing line trimmers, hedge trimmers, pole saws, and multi-tool heads on the market (all the major commercial brands).
  • TOWA 40-volt battery platform delivers more power and lighter weight.
  • No more gas fumes and expensive repairs.
  • Low noise and Zero-Emissions.
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

TOWA Retro-E Universal Power Head