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towa tools TTPDM120S power management

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The World’s First Smart Charger Designed to Recharge Battery-Powered Landscape Equipment

The TOWA TTPDM120S 4-Channel Power Distribution Manager is a standalone power management appliance that allows up to 4 low-power AC charge systems (120V/16A or less) to charge off a single 120V/20A circuit, utilizing a highly sophisticated algorithm to detect load and circuit capacity. Allowing the user to safely plug in multiple loads without having to worry about overloading the circuit.

Connect up to 4 battery chargers and/or battery-powered zero-turn lawnmowers to the TOWA Smart Charger. The circuit breaker software will automatically maintain the peak circuit load to less than 16 Amps even with multiple power charge units connected at the same time to the unit.

The PDM’s onboard load sensing technology will automatically switch power from charged units to units needing power rather than having to monitor and manually plug and unplug batteries as they reach a full charge.

Reduce Battery Charging Cost

Managed load control means lower infrastructure costs. Large deployments of battery-powered tools can be cost-prohibitive due to not having enough power at the panel. Upgrading panels or bringing in more utility power is very costly. The PDM allows the user to wisely utilize existing 120-volt or 240-volt power outlets. With cost savings and efficiency in mind, the PDM lowers operational costs.


1 – TOWA TTPDM120S 4-Channel PDM
1 – Power Input Cord

TOWA TTPDM120S Key Features

  • Standalone power outlet management
  • Built-in software circuit breaker
  • Individual outlet current monitoring
  • Four-segment LED display for total system current draw
  • Outlet memory restores outlet state in event of a power outage
  • 120 volt/240 volt outlet compatible with 20R receptacle
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

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Each PDM is capable of handling up to four 16Amp battery packs.

Yes, the PDM is designed to rotate automatically switching between battery loads.

Yes, the PDM continuously monitors the loads and when amps become available for the next device in sequence, the outlet will be turned on to complete the charge.

No, the PDM comes with built-in timers called ‘wake-up timers’ that continually check status of the entire unit as well as individual outlets.

The PDM senses the load and charges the device until full then moves on to the next device in sequence.

No, the PDM uses a U.S. standard NEMA 5-20P or NEMA 5-15P.

The PDM is 17″ length x 10.35″ width x 1.75″ height

Yes, the PDM comes with a Standard 2- year warranty against any manufacturing or functional defects. There is an option to purchase an Extended Warranty for $49.95 which simply extends the original warranty. Then you’ll be covered for 3 years from date of purchase.