TOWA Tools Customer Success Story:

Gachina Landscape Management led the change from gas to electric landscaping operations and crews dating back about 4 years ago. Today, we get an exclusive look into their West Branch operations in Santa Clara County, California. California mandates and legalizes the ban of gas-powered equipment beginning in January 2024.

When Gachina first made the transition from gas to all electric equipment, they realized they needed a better way to charge and manage their day-to-day operations. With TOWA’s PDM Smart Charging System, Gachina Landscape Management and Towa’s Team helped them find a way to maximize productivity and create efficient processes so that they can focus more on their employees well-being and safety. So that before heading out to job sites, they can all confidently know that their equipment and batteries are all efficiently and sufficiently charged by the time they need it in the morning. Together, we are Powering Up For 2024 & Beyond!

Gachina Landscape Management is a long-time established landscaping company located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Determined to lead by example, Gachina is creating a more sustainable future by converting their fleets to fully electric and fostering a regenerative approach.

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