“The TOWA SmartCharger is amazing. All our batteries get charged every day like magic. No more coming to work to find tripped circuit breakers and uncharged batteries.”

Clayton Nicholson
Dinsmore Landscape


How to Recharge a Fleet of STIHL Backpack Batteries Without Blowing the Circuit Breaker Everyday

The crew at Dinsmore Landscape in Silicon Valley is growing their zero-emission service but ran into a huge problem every day. At the end of the work shift their crew had to recharge more than 12 STIHL AP Series backpack batteries every day.

First, they tried to plug in all the battery chargers into the outlets in their garage, and this overload the electrical service causing the circuit breakers to trip. The crews would arrive in the morning with the electricity shut-off in the building and no batteries charged.

Then they attempted to charge batteries in different locations all over the building to avoid tripping the circuit breakers again. 

Soon they ran out of electrical outlets.

Two TOWA PDMs Automated Dinsmore’s Daily Charging Problem

Dinsmore deployed two TOWA PDM-20-8 Smart Charges on two separate electrical circuit lines and they can now safely charge up to 16 STIHL backpack batteries.

Each TOWA PDM has 8 STIHL AL 500 battery charges plugged into the SmartCharger. The PDM will automatically and safely charge all their batteries while it limits the total charging amperage under the 20 Amp capacity.

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Dinsmore Landscape


Dinsmore Landscape serves commercial customers in Silicon Valley. They are growing their zero-emission landscape services available to their commercial and residential customers.

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