City of Oakland Bans Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers & Line Trimmers


The City of Oakland Starts Enforcing their Leaf Blower and Line Trimmer Noise Ordinance

The City of Oakland will begin enforcing a citywide ban on gas-powered leaf blowers and line trimmers. The grace period was extended for six months, but expires October 2021, and the City of Oakland has started to fine gardeners, landscaper and homeowners for violating the new ordinance. The ban applies to both the commercial and residential usage of such tools.

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The exact amount for a violation isn’t specified in the ordinance but the penalty schedule listed in Oakland’s municipal code is $100 for the first violation, $200 for the second violation and $500 for every subsequent violation over the course of the calendar year.

However, those who violate the ordinance more than three times over a three-year span may face penalties as high as $1,000 per violation, according to the ordinance.

There are currently no grants or other forms of financial assistance to help local businesses make the transition to new equipment.